Welcome to The Bruce Gandy Bagpiping Development Society.

Front Row SeatAs the Society develops, we hope to bring to your attention a number of events that will raise funds for the Society, and help us fulfill our mission. As well, the web site will provide ways for you to help the Society directly, by donating, volunteering, or just by sending us your ideas and encouragement.

One of the Society's first projects was the production of Front Row Seat, a CD of notable piobaireachd performances by Bruce Gandy. The CD captures live competition performances of some of his biggest moments in piping, and the liner notes tell the story of the day, the tune sources and inspirations. Sales of the CD help support the work of the Society.

If you'd like to purchase the CD, please visit Bruce Gandy Music.


Scholarships 2018

We had a lot of applications for 2018 scholarships, and we were delighted to be able to support students across various parts of North America in attending summer programs.

Congratulations to: Luke Douglas (Sound Advice school in SK), Reilly Green (College of Piping, PEI), and Gillian Blaney, Rhys Fitzpatrick, and James Doucett

 douglas halifax  pei 
Luke Douglas (L) with Iain MacDonald at Sound Advice 2018. 

 (L-R) James Doucette, Rhys Fitzpatrick,
Bruce Gandy and Gillian Blaney.

(L-R) James MacHattie, scholarship winner Reilly Green and Kylie MacHattie at the College of Piping, PEI.